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Jungle Cultural experience

Learn about the traditions of a jungle culture


3 Days

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Empowering women

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Jungle Cultural experience

This package was created for those who wish to immerse themselves in the nature of the jungle and customs of the Quichua culture. From the moment you arrive, you will enjoy wonderful hospitality and begin to discover the jungle and the culture of their people,

The community you will be visiting

Sinchi Warmi  V Social visit 23
Sinchi Warmi Sophia president
Sinchi Warmi Cacao production

Sinchi Warmi is a project located in the Ecuadorian Amazon, run entirely by Indigenous people, the majority of which are women. In fact, Sinchi Warmi means “strong women,” and their work is a means of expressing and preserving the unique culture, gastronomy, and traditions of this part of the country, as well as empowering the women of the Kichwas community.

Along with staying in the lodge, travelers are rewarded with an up-close of experience of Amazonian culture. They are able to participate in a guayusa ritual, a sacred plant of the Amazon, as well as learn about cocoa and chocolate, and … Read more about Sinchi Warmi


3D/2N Amazon Community Tourism

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Misahualli A typical craft workshop

Learn to make traditional craft with natural fiber from harvesting the fiber to the finished product.

Misahualli Cocoa farm

You will visit a cocoa farm to learn about the cultivation and production of cocoa pods. Harvest ripe pods and taste the raw beans. See how the pods are then dried, fermented and prepared.

Then, for a true artisanal chocolate experience, collect ingredients such as cinnamon, vanilla, sugar cane, peppermint, anise and milk. Learn about the drying and grading process, toast and grind your own cocoa beans, and make delicious chocolate that's unlike any other you will have ever tasted!

Misahualli Jungle walk to Waterfalls

You will then embark on a walk through the secondary and primary jungle to visit a series of natural waterfalls. On the way you guide will explain you about the use of plants, maybe the sound of animals, or maybe you can see some footprints in the earth, of different animals.

Tena Sinchi Warmi breakfast and check out

After breakfast you will have your check-out

Misahualli Campfire

Traditional music and dancing around a campfire


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Jungle Cultural experience


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