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A complete cacao experience

Make your own chocolate

Price: Upon request

A complete cacao experience

1 day long experience, 2-10 people


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What awaits you during this 1 day experience

You will visit a cocoa farm to learn about the cultivation and production of cocoa pods. Harvest ripe pods and taste the raw beans. See how the pods are then dried, fermented and prepared.

Then, for a true artisanal chocolate experience, collect ingredients such as cinnamon, vanilla, sugar cane, peppermint, anise and milk. Learn about the drying and grading process, toast and grind your own cocoa beans, and make delicious chocolate that's unlike any other you will have ever tasted!

The community you will be visiting

Sinchi Warmi owns and operate a small hotel in the Ecuadorian Amazon Region. You can experience ancient traditions, food and handicrafts or the nature of the Amazon.

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