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Compare all tours with our communities at one sight: Filter by price, route, community, available spots and even discounts. If you have any questions or any special wishes, please do not hesitate to inquire directly with us. We would be thrilled to help you enrich you experience!

The choices are overwhelming?

Admitted: With over ten communities and several trips that each community can offer, there is a vast number of community-based trips you can choose from. Once you begin narrowing your options down by Date, Price and Duration, you will however find that the options quickly shrink to an acceptable number.

In any case: please do inquire with our travel consultants. Our experts know the communities personally and have extensive knowledge of their philosophy, language skills and ability to host guests. We will gladly give recommendations based on your level of fitness, your interest, your group, budget, age etc.

Also know that we are completely impartial and will gladly recommend any one trip over another if we feel this will enhance your experience.

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Sustainable First
Sustainable First inspires actions and strategies for moving towards a more sustainable pattern of development in tourism providing prosperity and opportunities for all
Municipio de Riobamba
Riobamba's Tourism Department works in coordination with the public, private and community sectors with the objective of promoting the development and promotion of the city's tourism offer