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We all know how difficult it can be to get a real insight into the country and the culture you're visiting. If you're looking to escape mass tourism and the beaten paths: You have come to the right place!

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Sustainable First
Sustainable First inspires actions and strategies for moving towards a more sustainable pattern of development in tourism providing prosperity and opportunities for all
Municipio de Riobamba
Riobamba's Tourism Department works in coordination with the public, private and community sectors with the objective of promoting the development and promotion of the city's tourism offer

How do we help our travelers

It can be frustrating searching for authentic, real experiences while you are travelling in Ecuador. If you want to meet the locals and experience true Ecuadorian culture we can help you! Our passion for community-based tourism results in going the extra mile for our customers. The communities, together with us, plan each trip with lots of love for details. To give you some examples: Hardly any tour operator offers the possibility to connect to indigenous communities in Ecuador on such as level as we do, let alone to sleep in their communities. Visit paths far off the beaten track, meet locals who are not used to tourism, cook and then break bread with new-found friends.
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Who is Fairtrips

Fairtrips is a specialized platform for community based tourism. We work in collaboration with local communities, NGOs, non-profit organizations and travel companies that work together to promote sustainable livelihoods. We attempt in sync with the TourCert certification body to implement a certification scheme for ecologically and socially sustainable community-based tourism projects. Our communities are located in the mysterious Amazon, the majestic Andes Highlands, Pacific and Caribbean Coast, Amazon rainforest and cloud forest of Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. You will be hosted by different indigenous ethnic groups and traditional farmers, some of whom have roots back to pre-Inca times.