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About Us

Our philosophy of community based tourism ventures

Our passion

Our passion for community-based tourism runs deep. Through different brands and for many years, all partners involved in Fairtrips (see below) have been trying to help local communities participate in the value chain created by tourism. In 2020, we joined forces with the German Ministry for Development Cooperation (BMZ) and the German Cooperation for International Cooperation (GIZ). Our common goal: a) to develop touristic products together with those communities in Ecuador, who, until now, have little or no foothold in the touristic sector, but could offer highly authentic tours off the beaten path b) to create one booking platform, Fairtrips, where those community initiatives would have one place to market and sell their touristic products, thus contributing to sustainable community self-realization and creating additional income
A little more about the brands, which founded Fairtrips: VENTURA TRAVEL is a German tour operator with the vision to replace mass tourism with authentic travel experiences. To do so, Ventura creates and supports specialized travel brands with technology, marketing-, finance, and other vital services. Fairtrips joins the Ventura Family as their non-profit brand. This means Ventura TRAVEL does not earn a single cent with your booking. PURE! ECUADOR is a dedicated B2B Destination Management Company (DMC) in Ecuador. Their team specializes in tailor-made trips They are the ones you will be talking to when booking your trip on Fairtrips or inquiring about our communities. This is why the web page is run by Ventura, while our customer service is handled by Pure. TOURCERT advises and certifies tourism companies and destinations. In doing so, they focus on sustainability aspects and provide services to both tour operators and those companies offering touristic services in the destinations.

What it means to travel with Fairtrips

Giving our communities full control of their tours is an important part of our philosophy, and we kindly ask you to keep this in mind when visiting your hosts. Not we, but the hosts themselves plan their tours. It is them who decide which doors they will open for you and how far off the beaten paths they will take you. This is why every tour will be slightly different, and why we cannot give you any guarantee of the experiences. All our itineraries are approximations of what you will experience. Please also be mindful that our communities oftentimes are in highly remote areas and not used to tourism or foreigners visiting them. Please respect their traditions, culture, and privacy. Most tour operators are unable to offer the possibility to connect to indigenous communities on such as level as we do, let alone to sleep in their homes.
Lastly, please know that thanks to your trip, good things are happening in the destination. Your trip is an investment into the people, their community, and their country. Family fathers can stay with their family in remote areas thanks to income from community-based tourism and no longer have to work in the big city half the year. Animals and nature get protected thanks to the economic benefit of preserving them for travelers. The rights of indigenous people get respected, as they draw the attention of our clients.

Our promises to you

Fairtrips USP Sustainable Tourism SVG
Sustainable Tourism
Learn from real locals what life is like for them. No sugar-coated touristic products!
Fairtrips USP TourCert SVG
Certified Quality by TourCert
All communities follow sustainable tourism guidelines, certified by TourCert®
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Transformational Experience
Meet local communities, eat with them and learn more about their true culture.

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