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The Kichwa Women Midwives Association of Alto Napo - Amupakin

We apply ancestral knowledge to improve community health

About the community Amupakin

Amupakin is an organization of ten Kichwa women midwives from the Amazonian province of Napo. Amupakin is dedicated to the health and welfare of the people and the preservation of their ancestral culture. You are invited to discover their traditions, such as medicinal plants, clothing, and music. Taste their delicious, fresh, local food, help to harvest the ingredients and be surprised about the traditional midwife work of the Kichwa culture. Understand the ancient rites of birth and connect with the spirit of the Amazon.

The Amupakin installations are located in a large, green plot of land on the edge of the small jungle village of Archidona. More than 20 years ago, the women's association won a prize in a competition which was used to construct the buildings. Unfortunately, the Red Cross was commissioned to carry out the construction, as funds were channeled through them. Since it was primarily a center for natural, traditional births at that time, a lot of concrete was used, as was common in hospitals at that time. The women were not able to get their wishes for the building style accepted. So several buildings were constructed on the site using "urban" building materials. There are 6 small pavilions on the site, each with 2 rooms and some also equipped with a kitchen. There is a large main building, with a room for traditional births but now also general medical treatments, a dormitory, and offices.

Another building houses the dining room with space for up to 70 people and the modern kitchen. In another smaller building, there is space for the respective birth attendant to rest if necessary.

There are also two more traditional buildings, one housing a traditional kitchen with a fireplace and a large table where the women cook and eat for themselves. The other building, with bamboo walls and a tin roof, is used for traditional eating on the floor, fireplaces, purification rituals, and the gathering of the women.

The women's medicinal herb garden, which serves as their natural pharmacy, is also located on the railing. Another part of the compound is overgrown with jungle plants where small wild animals live and where the women have set up small traditional traps.

Amenities of Amupakin



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Eco friendly

Food & Drinks in Amupakin

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners of traditional and local food such as maito (chicken or fish grilled in a wrapped leaf), tilapia (freshwater fish), soups and steaks. We also offer buffets.

Sustainability in Amupakin

In Amupakin, we practise good waste management, including recycling. We use organic waste as fertilizer in our chacras (traditional food cultivation plots).

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