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Sisid Anejo community

An ancient community with a nearby archeological complex and a thriving cultural life.

About the community Sisid Anejo


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The Sisid Anejo community is one of the seven sectors of the Sisid Ayllu Llacta community. The community owns 7845 hectares of land from 2800m to 4100m high. Near to the most famous Inca monument in Ecuador you can experience the living culture, archaeological history, and wild nature in this community.

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Sustainability in Sisid Anejo

The Sisid Anejo community, as all communities which offer trips on Fairtrips.com, is certified for its sustainability by Tourcert. This German certification agency advises and certifies tourism companies and destinations. Credibility and transparency are important to us, feel free to ask us if you have any questions about this community!

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