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Shandia community

Discover ancestral traditions on the banks of a jungle river

About the community Shandia

The Kichwa community of Shandia is located just 25 minutes from the city of Tena, surrounded by nature and next to two beautiful rivers, Rio Jatun Yaku and Rio Tálag. Within the buffer zone of the Llanganates National Park, Shandia is ideally situated for outdoor activities and adventure sports such as rafting and ziplining. Shandia also offer the opportunity to come and share the beauty of the Kichwa culture with the people. Shandia is proud of their ancestral heritage and invites you to discover their culture, through community integration activities such as music, dance and natural medicine. Visit their chacras (food cultivation plots), which are a vital component in the development of community life, and join their traditional games and sports on the beach of the Rio Jatun Yaku. Let us show you the tropical rainforest through the eyes of our people, with hikes that cross the Jatun Yaku (Big Water River) and Yurak Yaku (White Water River) to reach the waterfalls of Pimpilala and the natural pools of Waysa Yaku. Come and discover the beauty of the Ecuadorian Amazon with us!

Amenities of Shandia



Sustainability in Shandia

All the personnel involved in the project are from the local community. The income generated is used for the community. A committee decides how the income is allocated.

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