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Learn about the medicinal plants of the Amazon

Discover the medicinal plants of the Amazon with the midwives of Amupakin

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Learn about the medicinal plants of the Amazon

1 Day


What awaits you during this 1 day experience

This one hour tour of the medicinal plants garden with an explanation of the uses of around 20 medicinal plants will immerse you in the world of plants of the Amazon. Different parts of the plant are used, leaves, flowers, stems or roots. The brave among you can perhaps also be treated on the spot with, for example, the Amazon nettle, which promotes blood circulation. Plants species include orchids, ajo de monte, catarnicas, kulluir, python plant, consiun and chuchuguazo. We may also spot insects such as mantis and birds including oropendulas, woodpeckers, hummingbirds and tanagers. The tour is led by a licensed guide.

The community you will be visiting

Amupakin is an organization of ten Kichwa women midwives from the Amazonian province of Napo. Amupakin is dedicated to the health and welfare of the people and the preservation of their ancestral culture. You are invited to discover their traditions, such as medicinal plants, clothing and music. Taste their delicious, fresh, local food, help to harvest the ingredients and be surprised about the traditional midwife work of the Kichwa culture. Know about the ancient rites about birth and connect with the spirit of the Amazon. The Amupakin installations are located in a large, green plot of land … Read more about Amupakin


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Food & Drinks

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners of traditional and local food such as maito (chicken or fish grilled in a wrapped leaf), tilapia (freshwater fish), soups and steaks. We also offer buffets.

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