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Sharing life with a local family

Discover the sustainable approach to life as lived by the community of Yunguilla

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Sharing life with a local family

2 Days


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2 Days

A visit to Yunguilla will allow you to see first-hand the benefits of community tourism and sustainable development. As well as staying with our families and sharing in their lifetsyle you will be able to visit our community enterprises. These include cheese-making and producing jams made with local fruits from cloud forest orchards. While you are with us, take a tour deeper into the cloud forest, enjoy spectacular views from our lookout points, and following old smuggling roads and tracks.

The community you will be visiting

Yunguilla is an organized peasant community that is located just one hour to the northwest of Quito. Yunguilla is situated in a cloud forest area, at an altitude of 2650m above sea level. The community worked hard to have sustainable alternatives for living. Now 25 families have a designated guestroom in their house and welcome tourists from all over the world. … Read more about Yunguilla



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