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The Templo Machay hike

A hike to a sacred Chimborazo cave

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The Templo Machay hike

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We’ll hike to a sacred cave on the flanks of Chimborazo, where for centuries people have conducted rituals asking for blessings. Enjoy the landscape formed by lava, discover the tiny little vegetation that's growing here and be surprised of the view and landscapes on your way.

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Puruha Razurku is a tour agency offering visits to various indigenous Puruhá community tourism projects in the province of Chimborazo. The agency is owned by the participating communities, who receive 90% of the profits, providing them with a sustainable source of income. In addition to authentic experiences in indigenous rural villages, Puruha Razurku offers a number of one-day hiking tours, including to the Templo Machay, a sacred cave on the flanks of Chimborazo; ice-mining with the legendary “last ice man of Chimborazo”; to a millennial polylepis forest; to the arbol solitario, the only tree within the Chimborazo Reserve; and to the Carrel Refuge. The agency can provide qualified local guides for other hikes and specialist mountaineering guides for climbing the nearby peaks. Other activities include rock climbing and rappelling at the Cañon de Chorrera, cycling, horseback riding and camping. The 11 participating community tourism projects are Casa Cóndor, Palacio Real, Calshi, Nisag, Guarguallá, Chuquipogio, Cedibal, Cedien, Razu Ñan, Quilla Pacari and Ucasaj. Puruha Razurku can also offer visit to Waman Way, Chakana Lodge and La Moya.

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