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Full day Saraguro, Gera, Ñamarin and Ilincho communities

Share, feel and enjoy the magic of the community tourism

Price: Upon request

Full day Saraguro and surroundings

1 Day, 2-10 people


What awaits you during this 1 day experience

During this day, we will visit the Gera, Ñamarín and Ilincho indigenous communities that share the same customs, beliefs and traditions but distinguish themselves by unique characteristics. The communities belong to the "Saraguro Rikuy" Community Tourism Network, actively participating in and promoting the development of community tourism.

The community you will be visiting

There are often few development opportunities for indigenous communities, and for Saraurko in southern Ecuador the situation is no different. As a result, communities around the village of Saraguro have taken their future into their own hands, providing development opportunities for both women and young people, thus creating a viable alternative for young people leaving their ancestral lands in search of employment. Through tourism, these indigenous communities are reclaiming their indigenous identity with the aim of developing together as a community, promoting their culture and sharing it wi … Read more about Saraurko



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The project has a direct focus on 15 families in the region.

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