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Dive into the history of Ecuadorian cheese

Salinas - Walk into the cheese!

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Dive into the history of Ecuadorian cheese

1 day long experience


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What awaits you during this 1 day experience

You will discover the origin of the famous Salinerito cheese brand and visit their origin. You will learn about the history of the brand and the history of the Salinas village. Meet the people who make this delicacies!

The community you will be visiting

An exploration of Salinas de Guaranda, an inspirational indigenous town and shining example of a flourishing community-based economy. Fifty years ago, with the help of a visiting Italian Salesian priest, the people of Salinas opened a cooperative cheese factory to provide a sustainable source of income to local dairy farmers. It was so successful that they created more cooperatives, producing chocolate, dried fruit and mushrooms, essential oils, and woollen garments. Their main brand, Salinerito, now has several stores throughout the country and exports internationally. Profits are reinvested … Read more about Salinas

Food & Drinks

Enjoy a wide variety of local made cheese, make your own pizza and taste the wide variety of local sweets.