Walk of the Lakes

Experience the origin of the water

Walk of the Lakes
1 day long experience


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What awaits you during this 1 day experience

The Paramo is one of the largest natural water reservoirs on earth. This quickly becomes clear on a hike through the high paramo grass, past small lakes. A local guide from the Llangahua community will explain the history and the plants of the community's own protected area.

The community you will be visiting

Llangahua is a community of Tomabela Kichwas whose ancestors worked as servants at the local hacienda in slave-like conditions. When a reform law allowed them to buy 8000 hectares of the hacienda’s land, they declared most of it a community reserve, the Reserva Comunitaria de Páramo Llangahua. For their dedicated conservation work, they were awarded the prestigious Premio Verde award in 2014, using the prize money to build the infrastructure for their community tourism project. Another source of income for Llangahua is a dairy factory, which collects milk from the local campesinos and processe … Read more about Llangahua

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