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Turismo Comunitario Salasaka is a tourism organization located in the Huasalata Community, Salasaka, a Kichwa indigenous people with roots in the Aimara Peoples that flourished in the current Bolivian territory. The community is located in the central Andes of Ecuador in the province of Tungurahua, is made up of families full of life, love for their customs and deep commitment to the preservation of their culture and environment. The indigenous families invite you to experience their customs, food, lifestyle, and beliefs. As you experience a unique cultural journey, you will fall in love with and learn about the ancestral identity of the Salasaka people. One of the most rewarding experiences you can have is a visit to family homes. By talking with family members and learning about their daily lives, you can see, hear, touch, taste, and do things you would never have done otherwise. Interacting directly with Salasaka customs and traditions when sharing with local families will allow you to gain a new first-hand perspective of indigenous culture. It is important to emphasize that, if you visit this community initiative, you will be directly supporting the sustainability of the local community. Take a unique cultural trip and contribute to the preservation of an ancestral indigenous culture!

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