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A Galápagos tour allows you to relax and enjoy all the sites in comfort. Adventurers with an interest in Ecuador travel know that Quito has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, but besides this beautiful colonial city, you can also explore spectacular cloud forests, the Amazon basin and the majestic Andean highlands, all proof of the spectacular diversity that Ecuador has to offer. What are you waiting for? Dare to book your Ecuador & Galapagos vacation today.

Ecuador is a land of beautiful contrasts and endless possibilities. Would you like to go deep into the untouched rainforest? How about climbing a volcanic crater? Or coming face to face with the extraordinary wildlife of the Galápagos Islands, unseen anywhere else on Earth?

All of this is possible in Ecuador, and with us, you can explore this incredible country in comfort and ease. From the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site of colonial Quito to the stunning cloud forests, from the Andean highlands to the Amazon basin, Ecuador is rich with possibilities for adventure.

Nearly 1,000 kilometers off the coast lies the unique volcanic archipelago of the Galápagos. Nowhere else on Earth has such a concentration of unique species, including the iconic giant tortoises, marine iguanas, and Darwin’s Finches—the birds that helped the famous naturalist develop his theory of the origin of species.

The wet and dry seasons determine the weather in Ecuador, depending on the geographic region. Since Ecuador is on the equator, the temperature fluctuations over the year are relatively small, but significant between day and night. Depending on the altitude, the temperature is determined. Temperatures on the coast are pleasant between 24-28 °C. In the highlands, it is getting colder and wetter. And snow can be discovered at around 4,500 m. The Amazon region generally has a hot and humid climate and has the most rainy days, which usually take the form of short, heavy rain showers.

Our South America specialists can advise you on all aspects of a visit to this fascinating country.

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Wamay Way Community, Chimborazo Reserve
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