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Environmental education tour

One day in the sustainable community of Yunguilla with short walks and environmental education

Price: Upon request

Environmental education day tour

1 day long experience, 1-40 people


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What awaits you during this 1 day experience

During this full-day tour, you will get to know our people and community, and learn about the projects we have built to encourage community work, entrepreneurship and sustainable micro-enterprises. You will get to sample some of our delicious foods, see traditional crafts, and walk through our community farm, orchards and workshops. You will also enjoy a delicious lunch at our restaurant, prepared using local produce from the fields, farm and orchards you will visit during your stay with us. Activities include; Guided walks through our community and local cloud forest; Visits to the micro-dairy, jam-making, forest nurseries, craft-making and organic forest orchards; Meeting our people and experiencing their way of life.

The community you will be visiting

Yunguilla is an organized peasant community that is located just one hour to the northwest of Quito. Yunguilla is situated in a cloud forest area, at an altitude of 2650m above sea level. The community worked hard to have sustainable alternatives for living. Now 25 families have a designated guestroom in their house and welcome tourists from all over the world. … Read more about Yunguilla



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