Sisid Runa Kawsay

Sisid Runa Kawsay

A high mountain tour of the sacred lake of Culebrillas

Sisid Runa Kawsay

With Sisid Anejo
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Discover the history and culture of the Sisid Anejo Community in this fascinating three-day trip. Local members of this community will show you their life. You will discover old, extinct and living cultures.

Your itinerary

Day 1, AM
Sisid Anejo community church
Welcome, community presentation and visit to the old church
Arrival at the Sisid Anejo community. Discover its history and culture, and visit the church built in 1634
Day 1, AM
Ingapirca are the best conserved inca ruins in Ecuador.
Transfer to Ingapirca with a local bus
Depart via local bus to the remains of Ingapirca, passing through traditional farms. Observe the rich Andean agriculture or try to understand some Quichua conversation of your neighbours.
Day 1, PM
Sisid Ingapirca
The ingapirca Ruins and community
Tour of the ancient ruins and museum. Learn about the history, hear the myths and legends, and see Andean ceremonies. Then, we'll have some refreshments.
Day 1, PM
Sisid Anejo cara de inca
The Inti Huayco Hike
We continue our walk through the Quebrada de Inti Huayco to see archeological and geographical features, as well a beautiful landscape filled with colourful birds. Along the way we visit orchards with medicinal plants such as the Rambran, fruit trees such as the capuli, cymbals and shulala trees and ornamentals. We will stop at a sustainable farm to have lunch on the banks of the San Pedro River.
Day 1, PM
Sisid Anejo community
Cultural evening at the Sisid Community
Upon arrival at the community of Sisid Anejo, refreshment are already waiting for us. During the course of the afternoon, we will play traditional games with the local children. In the evening, a meal prepared by the local women awats us, along with music and dance. You will have the change to try on the typical cañari costumes and join in a dance or two!
Day 2, AM
Sisid Anejo community culebrillas
Transfer to the Culebrillas Hike
After a typical breakfast, we take a 4x4 vehicle to the Culebrillas Refuge. On our way there, we can observei eagles, deer, rabbits, and alpacas. Upon arrival, we request permission from the pachamama (Mother earth) for the tour and to visit to the Culebrillas mountains.
Day 2, AM
Sisid culebrillas
The Culebrillas Hike
"We start the tour at the Labrashka Rumi ""stone workshop"" where you can see remains of carved stones used in Inca buildings. Our hike to the Culebrillas Lagoon leads us along amazing natural rock formations and the diverse local flora and fauna. Our local guide will teach us ancient legends about the Lagoon; After approx. 3h of hiking we arrive at the Tambo Real Paredones, ancient Inca buildings over 4000 meters above sea level. These were used by the Chaskis as a rest area or temporary accommodation. Refreshments are waiting for us. Then we continue along the Inca trail “Qhapaq Ñan”, enjoying the wide variety of bird life. Later we will have a traditional outdoor lunch. Taste 3 types of meat, mote, chicha, potatoes, mellocos, and beans. Afterwards we return to the community via 4x4."
Day 2, PM
Quichua speaking indigenous girls in the mountains of Ecuador
Quichua classes
After dinner you will have some Quichua class, to help you to greet the the people of the community and you will get a basic understanding of how this language is structured.
Day 3, AM
Sisid Anejo village
Be involved in the local farms
"We start with a tour of the local farms where you can help the community with planting, harvesting or other seasonal activities; Tour of the community's chaki ñanes until we reach the family gardens, medicinal gardens, and Artisan workshops. We will also enjoy a delicious snack with Cañarejo Cheese and local herb tea. Lunch - either at the Tourist Centre restaurant, or a Pampa Mesa in the middle fields.Then we will visit the Llamas;"

Where you will be

Sisid Anejo is a small village in the south of the Ecuadorian Andes. The Quechua speaking people live from agriculture and tourism.

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Your Host: Sisid Anejo

The Sisid Anejo community is one of the seven sectors of the Sisid Ayllu Llacta community. The community owns 7845 hectares of land from 2800m to 4100m high. Near to the most famous Inca monument in Ecuador you can experience living culture, archaeological history and wild nature in this community.


All CO2 emissions of your trip (e.g. local transport, hotel) will be 100% compensated for you by a Gold Standard climate protection project.
The Sisid Anejo community, as all communities which offer trips on, is certified for its sustainability by Tourcert. This German certification agency advises and certifies tourism companies and destinations. Credibility and transparency are important to us, feel free to ask us if you have any questions about this community!

Food & Drinks

Expect during your stay typical traditional food of the region. The food will vary during the year, depending on the local harvest.