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Jungle Cultural experience

Learn about the traditions of a jungle culture

Jungle Cultural experience

With Sinchi Warmi
Amazon jungle
Quichua culture
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This package was created for those who wish to immerse themselves in the nature of the jungle and customs of the Quichua culture. From the moment you arrive, you will enjoy wonderful hospitality and begin to discover the jungle and the culture of their people,

Your itinerary

Day 1, PM
Sinchi Warmi community
Sinchi Warmi Welcome
After a non-alcoholical welcome drink, you will make your check-in. After a short refreshment pause, you will start your first activity.
Day 1, PM
Sinchi Warmi grasshopper
Traditional Canoe ride
A wooden canoe ride through the paiche lagoon. Here you can see many species of birds and fish, including 3-metre long paiche, as well, if you are lucky, wild monkeys.
Day 2, AM
Sinchi Warmi cacao
Traditional Wayusa Rite
The day begins early at 4am with an ancient rite known as the Wayusa Upina, traditionally performed before hunting, fishing or farming to bring success, or indeed every morning.
Day 2, AM
Sinch warmi cleaning ritual in the jungle
Jungle walk to waterfalls
You will then embark on a walk through the secondary and primary jungle to visit a series of natural waterfalls. On the way you guide will explain you about the use of plants, maybe the sound of animals or maybe you can see some footprints in the earth, of different animals.
Day 2, PM
Sinchi Warmi craft
Traditional craft
Learn to make traditional craft with natural fiber from harvesting the fiber to the finished product.
Day 2, PM
Sinchi Warmi cacao
From Cacao to Chocolate
You will visit a cocoa farm to learn about the cultivation and production of cocoa pods. Harvest ripe pods and taste the raw beans. See how the pods are then dried, fermented and prepared. Then, for a true artisanal chocolate experience, collect ingredients such as cinnamon, vanilla, sugar cane, peppermint, anise and milk. Learn about the drying and grading process, toast and grind your own cocoa beans, and make delicious chocolate that's unlike any other you will have ever tasted!
Day 2, PM
Sinchi Warmi community room
Campfire and traditional music
Traditional music and dancing around a campfire
Day 3, AM
Sinchi Warmi butterfly
Sinchi Warmi breakfast and check out
After breakfast you will have your check-out

Where you will be

Sinchi Warmi owns and operates a small hotel in the Ecuadorian Amazon Region. You can experience ancient traditions, food and handicrafts or the nature of the Amazon.

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Your Host: Sinchi Warmi

Sinchi Warmi owns and operate a small hotel in the Ecuadorian Amazon Region. You can experience ancient traditions, food and handicrafts or the nature of the Amazon.


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