Santa Lucia community

Immerse in the cloud forest

Discover the tranquility and powerful presence of the ancient cloud forest

Immerse in the cloud forest

With Santa-Lucia
Cloud forest
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Ideal to connect with the tranquillity and energy of the cloud forest; get to know the biodiversity of this region that is part of the Chocó Andino de Pichincha Biosphere Reserve. Click here for more info!

Your itinerary

Day 1, AM
Santa Lucia plant
Ascending 500 m through the Cloud forest
Arrival by vehicle to the foot of the main path, where your guide will be waiting to give you a presentation and brief explanation about the walk. Enjoy a 2-hour guided walk through the forest, ascending about 500 meters. As you walk you will see many species of birds and insects. You will then emerge at our Eco-Lodge where you can admire the spectacular panoramic vistas over the Santa Lucia Reserve.
Day 1, PM
Santa Lucia cloud forest
Hiking through the Cloud forest looking for insects, birds and small mammal
Bird, Insect and, if you are lucky, Small Mammals sighting along a self-guided trail and optional visit to our Orchid patches
Day 2, AM
Cock-of-the-rock in Santa-Lucia-community
Cock-of-the-Rock observation
Visit the area where the beautiful Andean bird know as the Cock-of-the-Rock gathers to perform its mating ritual. Picnic breakfast in the Forest. Return to the lodge on the forest trails with explication of the different plants.
Day 2, PM
Santa Lucia spider
Learn about sugarcane and conservation activities
Walk to the sugarcane plantation and learn about their history. Explanation of Santa Lucia's conservation activities and sustainability and research projects, including the use of camera traps for monitoring bears and other large mammals
Day 2, PM
Santa Lucia Cloud forest community offer cooking class to prepare Quimbolitos
Preparation of typicla dish "Quimbolito"
Have a cooking class with the kitchen staff to prepare the typical Ecuadorian dish "Quimbolito".
Day 2, PM
Santa Lucia frog
Explore the cloud forest by night
Take a guided night walk to experience the sounds and sights of the forest in darkness.
Day 3, AM
Santa Lucia waterfall
Hike through the Cloud forest to a waterfall
Walk along the jungle path to the Umachaca River and then hike upstream to visit a beautiful waterfall (depending on the season and current you can even bathe and swim). Then continue along the pre-Inca trail used by the Yumbo people as a commercial route and learn about its history. You will spot tracks left by the elusive puma and shy wild pigs. The path opens to a lush meadow with fantastic views of the river where you will enjoy a picnic lunch (6-hour trip).

Where you will be

Santa Lucia is a community in the Cloud forest with an amazing amount of birds and orchids around their lodge.

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Your Host: Santa-Lucia

Visitors receive a warm welcome in Santa Lucia. The Ecolodge and Cottages are located at 1900m on top of a mountain with a fantastic panoramic view. Surrounded by more than 700 hectares of Cloud forest you can discover the high biological diversity on many different paths. Nearly 400 species of birds and 300 orchids are waiting for you!


All CO2 emissions of your trip (e.g. local transport, hotel) will be 100% compensated for you by a Gold Standard climate protection project.
The Santa Lucia community, as all communities which offer trips on, is certified for its sustainability by Tourcert. This German certification agency advises and certifies tourism companies and destinations. Credibility and transparency are important to us, feel free to ask us if you have any questions about this community!