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Saraurko: A community-based tour operator

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Saraurku is a tour operator that specializes in community-based tourism with custom-planned trips in the canton of Saraguru and all of Ecuador. Saraurku's business culture is based on the "Coexistence" and "Cultural Exchange" between the visitor and host community. That is why we design quality tour packages with the host communities.

The goal is to maximize the social, economic, and environmental benefits for the communities. The company's emphasis on sustainable management and efficiency contributes to this goal. All Saraurku tours include adventure, nature and cultural activities that we are confident visitors will never forget.

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TourCert Certified



Sustainability in Saraurko

Our sustainability projects include training workshops, the investment in and advising on innovation and responsible use of natural and cultural resources. These projects benefit the communities with whom we operate and those that have the desire to begin Community-based Tourism. These are projects that we carry out with the objective of encouraging communities to improve their levels of service and make their activities socially and environmentally responsible.

Food & Drinks in Saraurko

Food: Pinzhi (Typical Saraguro's dish), à la carte dishes, lunches and tasting dinners with local products, guinea pig with potatoes in pumpkin seed sauce, hominy with tender fava beans and fresh cheese wrapped in a canna leaf, chicken stew, "gualo" patties (corn, milk, cheese, raw sugar), "humitas" (fresh ground corn dough mixed with cheese, butter, eggs, wrapped in a corn husk and steamed) "tamales" (white corn dough mixed with onions, eggs, chicken, raisins, wrapped in a canna leave and steamed), etc. Beverages: "Horchata" (blend of herbs), wajango (traditional ancestral drink made from agave nectar), chicha (made from corn or cassava), chicha de jora (made from corn liquor or malted corn), colada drink (made from corn flour and milk), andean fruit juices, colada drink from agave nectar, etc.

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